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Find your inner 'Del Boy' and put on the sale of the century

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You've counted your stock, worked out your margins and now you're ready to launch your sale or promotion to your potential customers. Your message is simple, come in store today and for a limited time only you'll receive a generous discount on our usual products or services. Now all you need to do is make up some posters and hang them in your window and watch the customers file in.

The problem with this scenario is that whilst this is a tried and tested method for drumming up extra sales, in today's climate it is by no means a guarantee of success. With the average consumer tightening their belts and the maturing e-commerce market putting pressure on high street retailers, businesses are relying more and more on sales gimmicks and heavy discounts to draw shoppers into their stores.

So what can you do to make your offering stand out from the crowd without cutting into your own profits in the race to grab customers?

Firstly, discount led promotions are still a strong tool to have in your arsenal but by backing that up with additional branding messages you can leave a longer lasting impression on your customers and keep them coming back after the promotion ends.

Here are just a few suggestions for enhancing your promotions with long term, cost effective solutions -

1. The shop front is the face of your business and it's the first thing that potential customers see. By using window graphics centred around your business rather than a week long sale you can get a long lasting benefit but still supplement it with specific short term promotions.

2. Tailor your shop front with more flexible solutions that can be changed at the drop of a hat. Here are just a few ideas -

Pavement and swinger signs with interchangeable graphics

Digital signage solutions such as an LED TV with video graphics

• Brand new GlassMovie projector vinyl which is fitted to your window and allows a video to be 
projected onto it for passers by to see even in bright sunlight

3. Put your name in lights. Illuminated fascia signs and lightboxes can also help to set you apart from others on the high street.

4. Talk to the team at Image Group. We have a wealth of experience in delivering unique signage and the right mixture of materials, colours and lighting that can make a world of difference to your shop front.

How can you improve the customer experience?

Getting your customer over the threshold is only half of the challenge and getting them to keep coming back is all dependent on how their experience is in store. Continue your theme from the shop front through into the shop interior with a mixture of printed graphics, freestanding cut out figures, demo/tasting counters and custom POS displays. To reinforce the customers visit why not use branded giveaways. We can help you with all kinds of things such as branded wristbands, chocolates, pens, USB sticks and many many more cool ideas and products.

The possibilities are endless and if you are in need of some inspiration why not take a look through some of our related products on the right hand side of this article. If you need to talk someone please feel free to contact one of our happy group of experts today on FREEPHONE 0800 389 9898 or fill in the quick enquiry form at the top.


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