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Fabric graphics can show another side of your creative studio

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Fabric graphics are a textural treat for both inside and outside the office.

Printing quality has evolved so far over the past couple of decades that it’s now possible for anyone to have intricately-woven, vibrant, beautiful and creative bespoke fabric graphics for an affordable price.

Fabric graphics are especially popular amongst creative studios and agencies. They’re incredibly attractive and eye-catching, and shows the people within the studio like to think outside the box and experiment with different materials.

Because bespoke fabric graphics can be fashioned into virtually anything the agency would like, or could be made to complement other areas of the business.

For instance, custom fabrics can be made with studio logos, pieces from the agency’s portfolio, pictures of members of the team, mission statements, your biggest client wins, and so much more.

Bespoke fabrics don’t just have to be decorative, either. With a bit of creative vision, they can be used to complement sales presentations in unique ways or present information to new leads in a way they won’t forget.

The same is true for outside the office, too. Are you a studio or agency looking to attract footfall at an upcoming exhibition and want to stand out from the competition on the show floor?

Creative fabrics can help to set your stalls and booths apart. Why not create visible fabric banners with your company logo and motto on them, or drape some beautifully-made graphic fabrics over your exhibition partitions?

Some agencies have even been known to craft flags for their sales teams when exhibiting. Others use custom fabrics in other creative ways, such as creating fabric ‘grass verges’ for people to sit on and relax after a long day of walking around the show floor.

Others have created other similar types of environments in the past when exhibiting, and have even used fabrics to make fun games to impress passers-by and attract potential leads, such as nets with score holes in them to throw balls into.

Fabrics are one of our favourite materials to get creative with. Again, the level of fabric printing quality is the best it’s ever been, and by working with a specialist agency experience in producing custom fabrics, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Find out more about the amazing visual benefits of commissioning fabric graphics for your agency or studio by speaking to the Image Group today!


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