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Fabric graphics can make your brand look luxurious at events

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Fabric graphics can really help your brand stand out at upcoming trade shows and exhibitions.

With final restrictions on lockdown in the UK set to be lifted in mid-July, the events industry is gearing up, raring to go to help brands showcase themselves in a safe and Covid-secure way.

At the same time, summer’s here, and there are set to be numerous local outdoor events, gigs and shows where brands can advertise to new audiences.

So where do fabric graphics come into play? First of all, they’re a brilliant way for a brand to set themselves apart from the competition and show that they’ve put some thought into showcasing themselves a little bit differently.

The biggest draw of fabric graphics is that they look nice. It’s as simple as that. But using them to present yourself is far from showing off.

Fabric graphics can be created with any and every brand message you wish. The quality of the fabric though is what sets them apart from traditional plastic banners or cardboard signs. It gives the message a higher-quality look and overall feel, which people will associate with your brand.

It also shows that yours is a brand that doesn’t just advertise for the sake of it, or is just turning up to an exhibition to make up the numbers. Graphics printed onto fabrics are a statement piece, and won’t fail to get you noticed by footfall at the event.

With a bit of imagination, too, fabrics can be combined with other marketing measures to help you stand out in a unique way.

If you’re hosting an event, for instance, you could cover the seats that your guests will sit on with branded fabric – again, giving them something nice and luxurious to experience, and show that you’re serious about what you do.

Or, if you’re attending a more interactive event, you can get creative with fabrics and graphics to turn heads. If it’s a themed event for example, why not create branded fantasy costumes for your sales team and representatives to wear to really give their costumes a lift?

Whatever you want to use fabric for, it will help to give your brand a better feel, a greater sense of identity and differentiation from those exhibiting around you on the day.

Find out more about how fabric graphics can help you to attract new leads at exhibits and events by speaking to the Image Group!


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