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Exhibitions: What to Do About POS

All promotion is meaningless if it does not convert into sales, and whilst having exhibition stands that are visually appealing is all well and good, if you are there to make sales, then its imperative that your POS environment is optimized.

Unlike POS in a retail store, POS in an exhibition setting can be a lot more challenging, and there are several reasons for this:

For example, in an exhibition it is not taken for granted that your consumers have transactional intent, and instead they may be there to research a purchase, or even to spy on rival companies. Therefore, your POS environment needs to work that little bit harder to convert general interest in your exhibition stands into actual sales.

Also, there are practical issues with a temporary POS environment in an exhibition setting, and unlike a static POS environment in a physical store, a POS environment in an exhibition will be temporary and therefore perhaps not as optimised for taking sales.

There are lots of options for creating an effective point of sale environment in an arena such as an exhibition, and, for example, you might consider , which can be implemented to create an effective POS environment, at little logistical cost.

Apart from the differences, there are lots of similarities between traditional POS in a retail setting and POS at an exhibition, and many of the rules will still apply, for example, you might consider optimizing POS by offering promotional material. may also be an idea worth considering.

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