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Exhibition panels need great content to draw in leads

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Exhibition panels are one of the cornerstones to a successful exhibition.

Some people at trade shows see their exhibition panels as a way to close off space; as though they are there only to create borders between other companies and partition themselves.

Though there is some truth in that, treating your exhibition panels in this way is quite the afterthought.

Ironically, by using them to create the equivalent of a shop window, you run the risk of people simply walking by your stall.

By thinking more creatively with your exhibition panels and using them to create a journey that potential leads can walk through, you stand a better chance of interacting with new leads and creating partnerships with potential clients.

The more creative your panels, the more likely it will be that the people you’re looking to attract will stop and take notice.

And creativity in this sense doesn’t mean being ‘artistic’ and throwing bright colours and big graphics around to try and force your brand into people’s consciousness.

What we mean by being creative with your panels is by using them cleverly – no matter how big or small your exhibiting space is – to create a real journey for potential leads and wow them with original content.

Because exhibition stands and panels are a fantastic way to advertise your brand to new prospects in unique ways. That could be with graphics on them showing the history of your company, your brand’s biggest wins, key portfolio items and awards, and more.

They could be set up in a way that shows people at the trade show your mission, goals and values, and presents products and services in a way that’s totally different to anything anyone else on the floor is doing.

You can also combine your panels with digital measures. If you do have a small space to exhibit in, then why fill it all with brochures and leaflets?

QR codes and web address on your panels can direct people to your website, where they can download PDFs and other info onto their phone, where they can read it at their leisure.

That’s better than them having to carry brochures with them for the rest of the day, and a great way to reduce your brand’s carbon footprint in a visible way.

If your stall is busy, then your panels could also direct people to places online where they can leave their details to book a meeting or for a representative to get in touch at a later date.

For more information on how creative use of exhibition panels can be a great way to generate new leads at a trade show, contact the Image Group today!


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