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Exhibition panels are still one of the best ways to reach out to people

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Exhibition panels are used in a huge variety of creative ways across the world to advertise, create, inform, educate, entertain and much more besides. They’re still a favourite destination for commercial budgets thanks to the immediate impact they can have on people, instantly conveying powerful messages that make them think, whether they’re in a commercial environment or out in public.

Exhibition panels were crucial at a public meeting, for instance, in Hampshire during November 2017 to allow people to have their say on a scheme proposed to revamp Winchester city centre. It’s a complex plan and one that residents were invited to participate in, with highlights of parts of the ‘Silver Hill 2’ scheme, set out in a supplementary planning document (SPD), published on large exhibition panels to help residents better visualise and digest the plans.

At the start of the year, further abroad in Skopje, Macedonia, exhibition panels were used to great effect to create the Mobil Quonset hut gallery to promote the talents of the artistic youth scene throughout the area. Mobile panels helped to create an open, flowing exhibition space, and have been picked especially for transport purposes to help the movement pop up throughout other areas of the republic.

What about commercially, though? One of our recent favourite examples is the announcement of Crypto EXPO Moscow set to take place in May 2018. Digital currencies and the ‘blockchain’ technology behind them are set to have as much impact on people’s lives as the internet has, according to some commentators.

The event in May is set to feature some of the industries top players, determined to use exhibition panels and space to better inform and educate attendees about the disruption cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them can bring to existing industries for the better.

For businesses with more immediate needs and more personal ambitions though, they can use exhibition panels in a variety of creative ways and different materials to get their message and brand across to targeted leads in unique ways that set them apart from the competition.

Working alongside an experienced creative panel provider can help you to get your message across as succinctly as possible to the people that matter to you most, able to leave long-lasting impressions on them with a creative campaign and calls-to-action that encourage them to learn more about who you are and what you do.


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