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Exhibition panels are an amazing way to build a consumer journey

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Exhibition panels are one of our favourite mediums to work with at the Image Group.

Some think that exhibition panels are just there to host work or carry a message. While that can be true, with a little creative thought and a real focus on who you’d like to attract at an event, your wider exhibition stand can be a key way to attract targeted footfall and generate more relevant leads to your exhibit.

There are so many amazing examples of what exhibition panels can provide all around the world if some creative licence is used. In the middle of 2018, for instance, Doaba Public School in Punjab, India decided to retire a school bus that had been used by them for two decades.

The school had a real emotional attachment to the bus, though, as it had been the first vehicle of what would become a 50-strong fleet. So, instead of parting ways with it, the bus was transformed into a geometric pavilion that includes a play area and an open-air theatre.

A key part of the bus’s transformation, too, is a gallery feature including some amazing exhibition panels detailing the journey of the school, the bus and the school’s hopes for the future, complemented by some amazing visuals.

The school’s transformation of its bus into a pavilion space is actually a great example of what brands can be doing at trade shows and events with their panels and stands.

With the right creative partner, you’re only limited by your imagination when exhibiting. With a budget behind you, you could potentially create a large-scale wonderland for your event featuring creative graphics, amazing accessories and much more besides.

You can do something similar with a smaller budget, though. Less is sometimes more when it comes to exhibition panels; you can say a lot more in clever, creative ways with the right approach than you can by blowing your entire budget on an enormous exhibition build.

Similar to how the school bus did; the right message in the right place at the right time at an exhibition can be an incredibly powerful and effective way to attract footfall at an exhibition and create an interactive journey for visitors on the day to let them better understand who you are and what your brand is all about.

That can take some serious planning to pull off though. Luckily, the Image Group’s creative team have worked on designing effective exhibitions that set businesses apart from the competition. Contact us today to find out more.


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