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Exhibition Accessories

When purchasing exhibition stands and banners for marketing and promotional activities, many businesses may forget that there are other, smaller items that may be just as important for these types of endeavours.

Smaller accessory items can really enhance the advertising experience, helping to make it an easier process and a much more professional event.

Items such as staff name badges, for instance, can help create a more friendly and approachable exhibition space. If potential customers know the names of the exhibitors, it can immediately enhance the rapport and develop the relationship between the two.

Other pieces of equipment, such as freestanding literature stands can allow an exhibition visitor to choose which pieces of promotional leaflets they wish to take. These functional pieces of furniture can ease the burden of an exhibitor having to attend to requests for literature whilst also trying to answer other queries from different clients at the same time.

These stands can also help an exhibition area look much tidier and organised; instead of having promotional literature scattered around the area in an unorganised fashion, leaflets can be structured in an easily accessible and meaningful manner using a literature stand.

Mini reception areas can also help a customer feel welcome and can help create a feeling of unity for an exhibition space.

Many of the accessories needed for successful promotions can be purchased from The Image Group. We have a wide range of smaller, additional items which can assist in the creation of a positive and authoritative business image and expert exhibition stands.

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