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Event Design and Exhibition Stands Are Fantastic

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Depending on your business, exhibiting your products or services at specific events could be a large part of an ongoing publicity strategy. Take the example of visual art exhibitions; tailored exhibition graphics are only one part of the plan. We also think about lighting, touch, sound, colour psychology, design and layout psychology, even sense of smell can play a role in the creation of an environment.

Or, to consider design on a lesser scale, perhaps the example of pop up display stands in larger stores or events. Pop up display stands are a great way to test the market, but poor design and layout doesn't make anything close to the best use of pop up display advantages like increased foot traffic, exposure to new customers, and the potential to cast a wider net for little financial outlay. Our design team understand the ramifications of poor design skill, so be sure to utilise their specialist knowledge if you're unsure or inexperienced in the field of visuals like exhibition graphics, footprint layout and so on.

In terms of smaller scale visuals like exhibition stands, perhaps the assumed disadvantage of diminutive size and temporary nature could work to your advantage. Fair enough, the visual impact of a pop up stand may not compare to your dream of a stand-alone store, but the point of that type of display is to create a microcosm of your brand identity, products and services. If you're having trouble creating your own impactful stand, head over to our design team and watch the magic happen!


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