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Draw attention to your business on-the-road with vehicle wrapping

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Vehicle wrapping is one of the most exciting things you can do to your car or van, to cover it in incredible graphics and fantastic creative messages that are weatherproof and can also, simply, be peeled away when you fancy a change at a later date.

It’s far less expensive, longer-lasting and more beneficial to the coat of the car overall than a pricey spray paint job, and brands across the world are making great use of this incredible, stunning trend to attract the attention of the people who matter to them most.

Similar to most advertising solutions for your business, you’re only limited to your imagination when vehicle wrapping as people across the globe are proving. One of our favourite wraps at the moment can be found on an Acura NSX. Created by artist Joshua Vides, he’s managed to create a car wrap that makes his Acura look like a sketch on paper, and looks similar to A-ha’s Take On Me music video.

Sadly, it’s only for display purposes, but there’s no doubt it would attract huge attention if it hit the road. On a more serious note, over in North America, the Tallahassee Police Department based in Florida have taken their cars down the vehicle wrapping route to help raise awareness for Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Their vehicles will have a big pinwheel on their bonnets in a bid to encourage people to file a report if they suspect abuse to stop it before it starts. "The focus is obviously on the child who's the victim and what we can do to help them and make sure they have the opportunity to live dreams and be little kids and do the fun things that kids are supposed to do and not live in fear or be hurt," says Tallahassee Police Chief Michael DeLeo.

Both of those examples highlight how vehicle wrapping can be used in strikingly different ways to deliver a message. It can be used in highly artistic ways to catch attention and to show people a brand or person’s creative skills, while it can also be used to convey powerful messages to wider communities and raise awareness.

Anyone and everyone can invest in vehicle wrapping for similar reasons, especially if they’re a brand looking to attract more customers. Wraps can also include calls to action, email addresses, phone numbers and more to better inform the prospects who matter to you most.

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