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Display Stands: Why Cardboard?

There are lots of materials to choose from when deciding on banners or display stands, everything from PVC to canvas. However, whilst all materials exhibit their own particular advantages, one of the best materials to use for displays is humble cardboard, which can really optimize an exhibition or advertising display.

There is frequently an assumption in marketing and promotion that the more money you throw at it, the better the returns. Whilst of course it is true that money can really aid a marketing strategy, it is a means not to an end, and the cornerstone of marketing is not money, but creativity.

are an excellent example of this, and whilst they are not as expensive as some other kinds of exhibition stands, may be the perfect solution for your specific exhibition strategy.

This is due, in part, to their versatility, and the fact that cardboard can easily be cut or arranged into shapes that will work great for your business. For example, can help you create a perfectly attuned POS environment, which corresponds to your products perfectly.

Cardboard display are also often a lot more lightweight than other alternatives. Therefore if portability is a factor, which it often is in a temporary exhibition setting, cardboard displays can easily be transported to and from the venue, as well as being easily set-up once there.

So, perhaps you are a small business and do not have the finances or logistical infrastructure to deal with certain kinds of in which case cardboard might be the better alternative.

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