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Display printing is a great solution for pop-up shops

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Display printing in general is a brilliant way to advertise to people and convey information about your brand in an instant.

Display printing is a pretty broad phrase, though. People who invest in the medium will get better results if they use it as part of a targeted marketing plan, whether they’re starting a business or are looking to take their existing one to the next level.

We’ll mainly be focusing on the former for this post. As the UK looks to come out of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2022, and with the end of ‘Plan B’ restrictions in January, many will be hoping to get back to some form of normality as soon as possible.

The pandemic has hit town centres in the UK hard, though, with many councils reporting empty units across their retail areas.

There are reports across the country, though, that a lot of those empty units are being converted into pop-up shops, to make use of the available space and give people the chance to try their hand at their own business as retail areas come back to life.

And it’s not just entrepreneurs making use of pop-up spaces, either. It’s been a marketing strategy from big brands for a long time; create a space to specifically launch a new product and let passers-by have a try.

Whatever stage you’re at, display printing is perfect for pop-up shops to advertise their brand and generate footfall.

Display printing can be perfect for pop-ups in creating a sign, whether permanent or a temporary one. Not just signs for above the shop door, either, but internal signs to direct people to products or more information.

Pop-up stores can make great use of promotional printing to give people an idea of what the brand offers and the services it provides in an instant. That promotional printing can come in the form of displays or promotions that can cover the walls and windows.

Displays that feature creative content can also act as calls-to-action, encouraging people to sign up for discounts or offers, or become part of a club.

And when those people have given you their information in a transparent, ethical way, you can nurture those leads with print products such as newsletters, flyers, brochures and more that they can take home with them and pass on to their friends.

Are you looking to create a pop-up shop and need display printing solutions to help get the word out? Speak to the Image Group today to find out more!


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