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Display printing can complement your digital business activities

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Digital isn’t everything when it comes to advertising. In fact, some of the largest and most successful businesses use display printing in incredibly creative and unique ways to help attract interest, nurture leads and keep their brands in people’s minds.

Display printing is an incredibly broad term when it comes to design advertising. It can mean print solutions like brochures and leaflets, exhibition stands, wall decals, car wraps, signage and much much more besides. Work with the right people and not only can they help you bring a creative vision to life, but it could also help to increase commercial ROI if advertised right.

Let’s look at a couple of real world examples. The digital signage market is set to hit $32.8 Billion by 2023 according to research, but traditional signage is still being deployed to help towns and communities grow.

Recently the town of Barnes in Richmond has been awarded £4,500 as part of Richmond Council’s Civic Pride Scheme, with some of it being spent on signage to help people better navigate the area, explore and discover more about Barnes as part of a wider Escape to Barnes tourism programme.

It may seem like simple display printing, but it’s often the simplest things that work best. Having creative signage to help visitors clearly navigate themselves can impart the character of the town on tourists as well as going some way to helping boost the local economy.

Display printing is also helping Wales to attract visitors in ways that digital solutions simply cannot. 26 years ago, North Wales Tourism commissioned a leaflet distribution company to promote the area. So big and successful is the operation that it’s set to break through the 150,000 million barrier this year and continues to grow.

So big is its growth that North Wales Tourism has had to step in to help run the operation and has helped to rebrand the distribution company as Snowdonia Attractions. Again, part of a clever marketing strategy that aims to reach out to people in hugely effective and efficient ways that digital simply cannot match.

On a more physical scale, the London Film & Comic Con exhibition was hosted at the Olympia at the end of July, with approximately 80% of the floor taken up taken up by retail exhibition stands. The sheer creativity and imagination of the exhibition stands, though, is a sight to behold and essential to the success of this and similar events.

Creating full-scale TARDIS boxes and complementing them with official merchandise is the best kind of fan-service for that market and visitors to enjoy. See where we’re going here? As part of a clever and targeted marketing strategy, display printing can elicit responses from certain audiences and potentially provide much better returns than run-of-the-mill digital campaigns.

The right displays printed and advertised in the right ways as part of a wider marketing strategy can go a long way to attracting the right people and giving them unique experiences. Contact Image Group to find out more.


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