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Directional signage: Keeping people informed through 2020 and beyond

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Directional signage is a great way for people to find out where they need to go in large spaces. They’re particularly useful in areas such as hospitals, warehouses, supermarkets, building sites and other places with a large surface area to navigate.

But the real beauty of directional signage is how it can be combined and complimented by other materials and products to create something truly unique, special and eye-catching that fits into your wider brand.

A lot of people think that directional signage is just a case of putting up a few signs with a few arrows directing them in a certain direction. Not so; there can be a lot of creativity involved with signage, and you’re only limited by your imagination.

So, what bespoke things can you do with directional signage? Large shopping areas such as outlet malls and other similar settings can use monolith signs to not just show shoppers the brands they have access to, but to also point them to where they need to be.

Built-up signs look incredible, and use a variety of materials to really stand out and attract footfall. With a combination of acrylic graphics or other vector materials, you could direct them to a special event or offer, or even just use it as a stunning way to welcome them to your business.

If you want to go for a more modern solution, then you could even point out directions to people with digital signage. There are other benefits to that; with digital directional signage, you can include more content on the screen, and provide them with more information on where to go.

You could even go as far to outline different departments, and highlight specific offers they could find when they get there to boost sales. Another idea could be to include addresses to websites where they could sign up to loyalty schemes and other rewards, to keep those offers fresh in their minds.

Or, you could go for a more minimalist approach if you’re looking for directional solutions that are lighter on the budget. You could simply have wall or floor vinyl graphics installed that point people to where they need to go, or simple signs that can be affixed to the walls in affordable materials.

Whatever your budget, our signage specialists will work with you to create bespoke, creative solutions that work for you and your customers. Contact the Image Group to find out more!


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