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Digital businesses also need a physical presence to reach their audience

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Digital marketing is an incredible way to advertise, but it isn’t the be-all and end-all.

Companies who stay and operate only in the digital sphere can only grow so much. The metaphorical fourth wall has to be broken sometimes to let potential customers and business prospects know you actually exist and are real people they may want to deal with.

The likes of Twitter and Facebook can only go so far in that regard, especially if you’re looking to build professional relationships with people in your industry. A creative strategy that incorporates physical marketing tools such as exhibition panels may be exactly what you need to add an extra dimension to your brand.

Exhibition panels are more than just an advertisement. With the right care and attention, you can create something truly magnificent and bespoke to the needs of your company to attract the right kind of attention.

Sellr is an American beverage company, for instance, that has recently done just that. The tech company is making a name for itself as a marketing platform and wanted to show off its experience in the beverage industry to potential new clients.

Exhibition panels as well as other creative forms of signage were critical to making the event at Atlanta Tech Village a success, with Sellr using their stands in innovative ways to attract attention, show off their platform to potential B2B clients and better engage with beverage industry professionals.

Exhibition panels and creative pop-up stands were also in force at the E3 games event held in Los Angeles. For a highly-connected and technological event, marketing teams from across the gaming industry know that digital marketing can only go so far and commissioned creative physical advertisements to not only promote their brand’s message but to also allow consumers to interact with hardware and software in fun, interactive ways.

Going a step further and Greenpeace is using physical exhibition materials in incredibly creative ways to get the impact of climate change across to the general public. They’ve recently partnered with design agency Oglivy SG to build creative exhibit panels that are interactive and designed to get the true impact of climate change across to the wider world.

Though an impressive feat, exhibition stands and similar creative physical advertisements don’t need to break the mould or be technologically superior to catch attention and stick in people’s minds. Sometimes the simplest creative messages have the biggest impact whether in-store, at exhibitions, around the local area; wherever they may be.

Getting that creative message right and positioning it where it will attract the most attention is as important as the overall branding. Working with the right creative agency will not only help you to plan an effective exhibition strategy, but to also design and produce a strong creative message that encourages people to explore who you are and what you have to offer.

Want to enhance the reach of your brand in commercial situations with creative exhibition panels that spread your message to a targeted audience? Contact The Image Group to find out more FREE on 0800 389 9898


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