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Custom roller blinds can improve creativity as well as attract attention

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Custom roller blinds are not only being used in incredible ways in a commercial sense to attract new business. They’re also being utilised on so many levels to help people in their daily lives, especially those suffering from debilitating illnesses.

Over in Hull for instance, a care home in Harrison Park is using custom roller blinds to create ‘reminiscence pods’ for dementia sufferers to help them feel safe and secure. Blinds are also being used to cover mirrors in lifts as sufferers can find their reflection confusing and distressing at times.

A recent white paper has also highlighted how custom roller blinds can be beneficial for overall worker creativity. The paper, published by architectural products company Hunter Douglas, says that factoring in conditions like solar glare and providing solutions such as blinds at the earliest stage of the building process can help improve worker productivity and improve energy efficiency.

Roller blinds are also evolving with the times. Taking heed from that whitepaper, Melbourne’s Haileybury College has recently installed specialist roller blinds with metallic fabric specially designed to combat the region’s warm climate and promote a more comfortable way of working.

All of these factors show why any old roller blind won’t do. Custom roller blinds built with a specific goal and purpose in mind are proving to be hugely valuable in a commercial and creative sense.

Brands across numerous industries, for instance, are investing in roller blinds with a creative message to help improve employee morale and better reflect the brand’s values.

Not only can roller blinds be used internally, similarly roller banners can also be used as an advertising solution when companies decide to exhibit. Easy to store, banners can be used time and again to promote and complement a creative message whenever brands attend industry events.

The right commercial message is essential to cutting through the noise and attracting the attention of passing traffic, ready to be rolled up again and stored in time for the next event.

Roller blinds though can offer something totally unique within and beyond the commercial space. As well as personal and practical applications like the above, restaurants with a creative vision are commissioning roller blinds specifically for the interior of their space to promote a certain ambience and be creative with the brand identity.

Schools and nurseries are also making use of creative roller blinds, not only to keep children protected against warmer climates but to also complement the things they’re learning within the classroom. It’s not uncommon to see blinds adorned with familiar characters, times tables and more for instance.

Brands within the hospitality industry are also investing in creative roller blinds to offer their guests something different visually such as nearby landscapes they can explore and landmarks that may be worth visiting during their stay within a hotel.

Would you like to invest in custom roller blinds for personal or commercial applications and want a creative solution that fits your vision? Contact The Image Group today to find out more.


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