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Creative pop up displays are about more than selling products

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Do you still use physical marketing? If not than perhaps you should; creative graphics and physical displays are still one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach out to the public and attract potential customers.

There’s a reason why businesses small and large complement their digital advertising spend with exhibition stands, pop up displays and more. They’re creative ways to attract immediate attention in public spaces, furthering the reach of a brand, collecting data in ethical ways, passing out free products and more.

You may have heard of and seen a lot of examples yourself of small businesses taking over empty units in high streets to set up pop-up shops. It’s not a passing fad; large brands are constantly getting in on the act to improve brand perception and reach out to potential new leads and nurture existing ones.

Manchester Airport for instance has recently used pop up displays to great effect in Birmingham, designed to show travellers in the midlands the benefits of flying from Manchester on long-haul routes instead of having to travel to the capital before heading on long journeys. Complementing the creative message were VR goggles to show people around the airport, competitions and more.

Pop up displays aren’t just a great way to meet new customers and spread word of the brand. They can also work as an extension of a brand and help them to explore new avenues for their growth.

Licensed pubs, cafes, restaurants and more are using these strategies to great effect. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of pounds opening a new chain, they can gauge public reaction and test the market for a fraction of the cost with pop up displays and shops that are inviting, creative and serve as an extension of themselves.

Pop up shops and displays don’t have to be purely commercial. Glasgow Girls Club for example is a pop up centre designed to fulfil the needs of a local online community, acting as a social meet-up space for female CEOs to network and promote each other’s businesses.

A creative pop up alone won’t be enough to reach out to new customers and attract attention though. Pop ups can be anything you wish; they can include stands to promote materials, interactive elements to better engage with people, banners to promote a creative message and much more besides.

Pop ups can complement a business’s message in ways that simply can’t be done online or through other mediums. Think of them as a space where you can reach out to people on a personal level and interact with them face-to-face while having the benefit of being in a creative space that shows the absolute best bits of your company and what it has to offer.

If pop up displays are something that you feel could complement your overall marketing strategy and help you reach out to customers in public places, commercial exhibitions and other areas, contact The Image Group to find out more.


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