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Create magnificent environments with custom roller blinds

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Whether you’re looking to create a more harmonious office environment or want to spruce up the homestead with some stunning visual imagery, custom roller blinds can be one of the most creative ways to express yourself and show off your artistic side.

The clue is in the name; custom roller blinds are simply roller blinds that can be customised to not only offer more privacy, but express some imagination when drawn with some phenomenal custom artwork. You’re only limited by your imagination, and they can be the perfect present or part of a wider creative corporate strategy, such is their versatility.

For instance, a lot of parents like to invest in custom roller blinds to help spark the imaginations of their children. It’s a hugely popular option for parents to have blinds created of their children’s favourite cartoon characters and heroes, and even artwork they have created themselves, turning their room into something incredibly personal and unique to them.

The same can be done throughout the house; people often invest in roller blinds that carry special images that are so important to them. Pictures of friends and family, for instance; pictures of holidays, pictures of notable achievements, pictures of pets and much more besides can be easily incorporated onto custom roller blinds to help make a house more of a home.

What about in a commercial sense, though? Custom roller blinds are much more than a domestic attraction; they can be used to really make a positive commercial impact and help improve morale in and around a business.

The simplest thing to do is to print blinds with a brand logo on them. They can be so much more than that though; a creative business can go as far as putting inspiring quotes on their custom blinds, achievements that the company has won, portfolio items, team photos and much more besides to show people what they’re all about.

Custom blinds can also go the other way, too; when they’re drawn, from the outside looking in, why not have blinds featuring product images and offers as well as calls to action, opening times and other key pieces of information that will stick in their mind when people pass by?

Whether you want them to add some sparkle around the home or create a more magnificent working environment for your business, the Image Group will work alongside you to create custom roller blinds that you can’t find anywhere else.


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