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Create Amazing Spaces of your own with affordable custom roller blinds

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Architect and TV presenter George Clarke is hitting the heights thanks to his Amazing Spaces programme on Channel 4.

Clarke’s profile has been raised considerably thanks to his journeys across the UK and abroad, identifying incredibly attractive, unique and quirky places that people call home. It’s not just a job for Clarke though; he genuinely loves finding new ways to improve homes and accentuate living spaces.

Recently, an article appeared in the Yorkshire Post where Clarke discussed the different ways in which blinds can enhance any and every living space, and how a variety of custom roller blinds, shutters and much more besides are an incredible way to complement hard to dress windows.

“Like me, many of us live in built-up areas, where houses overlook each other and passers-by can see in,” Clarke tells the Post.

“Wide windows only exacerbate the problem. Sheer roller blinds offer a solution, with the light fabric creating a veil-like effect. The beauty of these is that they still let in that lovely diffused light while giving the privacy that you might need at certain times of the day.”

Clarke also discusses how a custom solution and pairing different types of roller blinds can help. “A white roller blind provides privacy, teamed with a blackout Roman blind that does the job of curtains but in a more space efficient way. Layering up two different types of blinds works brilliantly for a space like .”

Roller blinds, with a bit of though put into them, can make for extremely attractive visuals within the home. Not just in personal spaces either; custom roller blinds can also go a long way to improving the look of professional spaces, making offices look more visually appealing and also helping to entertain staff and clients if using the right ones.

Entertain how, though? Custom printed picture and photo roller blinds are not only able to offer privacy and protection from the sun in professional spaces, but can also be commissioned to include images and logos that help reflect individuality and carry a message.

For instance, professionals can commission custom photo roller blinds with motivational phrases, pictures of animals, team members and much more besides to help improve a company’s culture and bridge the gap between staff and managers.

Custom roller blinds can also work as an advertising solution for visiting clients and other potential professionals you may be looking to do business with. You could commission roller blinds adorned with your company logo, taglines, messages and overall philosophy to provide better visual aids of who you are and what you’re about.

Not just for professional spaces either. Restaurants can provide a visually-striking setting featuring menu items on their blinds, while education centres such as primary and secondary school classes can feature quotes, formulas and much more besides to help educate and inspire students on a daily basis.

You’re only limited by your imagination when you invest in custom printed roller blinds. Contact Image Group today to find out more.


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