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Create a streamlined event space with creative exhibition panels

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Exhibition panels are out in force across England again after ‘Freedom Day’ on 19 July 2021.

That date saw the lifting of most legal restrictions brought in to help combat the spread of Coronavirus, and while we still have to learn to live with the virus and a lot of people and brands are still exercising caution, Freedom Day has seen the return of events and trade shows.

Brands that have been eagerly awaiting to speak to new potential partners at events can now do so again, with many investing in new exhibition panels to show the best of their business as we move into something like normality again.

But why not go one better? So many businesses have had to reinvent themselves to stay afloat over the last 18 months and realign how they serve their customers. There’s no reason to stop now, and you can begin by creating an amazing experience with your exhibition panels.

With the right creative vision and an experienced team on your side, you can create something truly special with your exhibition panels, to streamline your events space and provide an experience above and beyond others on the show floor.

One of the biggest drawbacks for people attending events, for example, is often ‘fatigue’. Not only from moving from booth to booth, but in carrying brochures, leaflets, free gifts and much more besides.

With the right approach, you can streamline their experience and make their day so much easier – something they’ll remember you for and appreciate. Do you really need to spend thousands printing off hundreds of brochures that may only find their way into the bin?

Why not create a panel with a QR code on it which people can scan and download a PDF version of your brochure to their phones, so they can always access it at their leisure?

The same goes for leaflets – a panel with a QR code that directs them to a web page where they can leave their contact details can be far more cost-effective and useful than leaflets and other loose marketing paraphernalia.

Is your team busy? Why not have panels with codes that direct them to a chatbot or to an employee at the office? That also gives you more space to play – without POS stands full of brochures, you have more room for chairs where people can rest; something they’re bound to appreciate!

Find out more about the benefits of updating your exhibition panels for the modern age by speaking to the Image Group today!


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