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Corporate branding that connects you with your customers

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If you’re running a business – whether a small shop or much larger commercial entity – then you’ll know just how important the right corporate branding is, not just to attracting new customers but in keeping existing ones, too.

Corporate branding is more than just having a nice image as a logo, though. Branding is all about values. Images are inherently necessary, of course – and the more striking and recognisable the better – but they mean very little if the brand also doesn’t communicate the best of who you are as a team, what you offer and how you can do it better than everyone else.

That can be extremely tricky for small business owners and senior managers to do, though. The creative process of matching visuals alongside basic values and messaging as well as promoting it to the right people in the right places at the right time can be a difficult ask for many.

Get it right, though, and the rewards you could potentially accrue are phenomenal. You’ll be the first port of call for customers in your market; you’ll be able to interact with them on a continual basis and keep ahead of the curve; you’ll be able to reach the next stage of your growth much more quickly…

Corporate branding, too, doesn’t have to be constant big gestures. Little things are worth their weight in gold as well – Jet2holidays, for instance, works with its partners to include branded booths in their hotels.

It’s a very wise move. Not only do people who book through Jet2holidays have a designated and visible place to go should they have a query, but other holidaymakers can access local information and help from the booth, too, which acts as fantastic on-the-ground advertising throughout its destinations.

Corporate branding is something that needs to be constantly worked on and promoted at all times to help get word of your existence out to crowded markets at all times, whether it’s small visuals such as point-of-sale solutions and brochures, to larger forms of creative branding solutions such as exhibition stands and banners for events.

Again though, getting on top and staying on top of that task can be monumental for people to achieve, especially if they have other areas of the business to focus on during their daily lives.

The Image Group has worked with brands of all shapes and sizes to help them grow through effective and creative corporate branding strategies and take the weight from their shoulders. Contact our team today to find out more.


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