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Commercial vehicle wraps can act as an incredible call to action

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The Fespa World Wrap Masters Series is an annual challenge where the absolute cream of the crop of vehicle wrapping professionals come together to battle against other competitors and show off their skills.

This year’s competition was won by Jonas Sjöström who was also presented with a cheque for £2,500. As part of his challenge, Sjöström had to wrap a Formula 4 racing car and one side of a speedboat in the space of an hour.

Pretty extreme you may think, but it also highlights the fast-paced growth surrounding the art of car wrapping and how many people are taking it up to show off their artistic skills. Not just from a hobby perspective either; car wrapping has become big business, with more and more drivers investing in a wrap as opposed to a complicated paint job that may wash off in poor weather conditions.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are also fast discovering the commercial benefits behind vehicle wrapping too when it comes to promoting their brand. Commercial vehicle wrapping goes beyond the visuals, and can act as an incredible advertising solution and call to action for people to learn more about the company by simply being on the road.

As we’ve already mentioned, wrapping a car or van in commercial graphics can be far less expensive than a paintjob and also far more weatherproof thanks to the wrap being vinyl. With the right creative team involved too, business can have bespoke visuals and brand messaging created for their vehicles with contact information including phone numbers, websites and email addresses included.

That helps you to advertise your business whenever you’re on the road to potentially new local and national clients if the message is clear, cohesive and creative. Vehicle wraps just don’t attract attention from people on the street; they’re also incredibly effective at getting a message across to other drivers on the road quickly and comprehensively.

Entirely customisable, typically more affordable than a complex paint job and longer lasting, commercial vehicle wraps can go beyond the visuals, especially if you have strong growth ambitions and a fleet of vehicles.

Vehicle wrapping can also be a great way to steal a march on other local competitors in your area, helping you spread word of your brand, its logo and overall message while on the road, to increase your visibility in the public eye.

If commercial vehicle wrapping sounds like something you’d like to help you grow your business locally and nationally, contact the Image Group creative team today to find out more.


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