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Clone your staff

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You can always use more good staff. The problem is that high quality personnel are hard to find. It's an issue all businesses face whether they are small scale plumbing contractors or multinational banks or insurance companies.

If you feel that your exhibition stands look a little empty or your shop floor could use an extra presence, another member of staff is the answer. They don't have to cost much. In fact, we can print you anything from one to a dozen new employees for a very reasonable price. These cardboard clones can't speak but they can give directions and hand out leaflets. They always look cheerful and they never have a bad hair day or spill coffee on their ties. They're always punctual.

in the shape of real people are very effective and they're also great for shop windows. Human beings are well attuned to collecting information from faces, and while a two dimensional person with a big, helpful smile isn't quite as good as the real thing it will go a long way.

If you'd like to clone yourself or one of your best staff, get in touch. Anyone can be immortalised in cardboard at life size and in full, glossy colour. These person shaped cardboard displays are free standing and strong, and very eye catching. We'll print them and you get to set them to work in your shop or on your stand.


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