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Choose POS displays that highlight your brand’s green credentials

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Creative POS displays can make a huge difference to a retailer’s bottom line.

POS displays throughout a store can help encourage consumers to put a few extra items in their trolley; to alert them to online savings and deals; to ask them to sign up for reward schemes and loyalty bonuses, and so much more.

Though there are a huge number of positives to take from POS displays, their biggest drawback is, arguably, the materials they’re made from – namely plastic.

There are a lot of plastics associated with POS displays. Not just from their overall constitution; the process of packing and distributing a lot of them is also very plastics-heavy.

The general turnaround for displays can also increase a brand’s carbon footprint. A lot of displays are flimsy; those selling small items by tills, for instance, are often handled roughly as people dip their hands in and out, and need to be replaced often.

There is a POS solution, though, that helps brands to cut down on their POS plastics without losing the potential for sales. Reboard is a sturdy POS solution that can potentially offer even more creative advertising options than a plastic POS, all while cutting down on your brand’s carbon footprint.

Reboard is made from recycled materials, can comfortably carry up to 15kgs of product, and comes with a premium finish. You can also commission custom, bespoke reboard POS solutions by working with an experienced creative team that has worked with reboard for years.

The design flexibility of reboard means it can be used in a number of retail applications, used to help sell more POS products or alert people to bargains and loyalty schemes online.

Investing in reboard though isn’t just a good idea from a POS POV. Thanks to the recyclable nature of the material, having it around the store is a great way to show your brand’s wider green commitments and that you’re working hard to reduce your carbon footprint.

Reboard POS solutions are strong, sturdy and can be visually tailored to whatever it is you want to sell. Better yet, using reboard is a highly visual rejection of plastics and associated plastic waste that comes with using traditional POS solutions.

Reboard isn’t just available as a POS solution, either, and can be used as furniture, as event displays and much more besides.

Find out more about the amazing benefits reboard POS displays can bring to your business by contacting the Image Group today!


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