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Built up signs make a big impact on passers-by

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Built up signs, by their very nature, are designed to literally leap out at local passers-by to let them know your shop exists.

But built up signs aren’t going to attract new shoppers, prospects and leads by themselves. Though incredibly attractive, they need the right creative vision and carry the brand’s values and messaging to make a real impact.

For instance, it’s not the best idea to commission built up signs in a big to freshen up your store front if they don’t follow your original logo and the branding your business has become known for. It would be off-message and make the sign something of a white elephant.

Working with a specialist design team can help you to get your branding and wider message across to local shoppers in highly-visual ways with built up signs, and help you to stand out from other businesses in the area.

There are other factors to consider with built up lettering and signs, too. What kind of finish would look best on the signage, for instance, and what kind of material would go best with your existing unit to draw attention?

It would be worth weatherproofing the sign, too, to make sure it can withstand the elements and look fantastic all year round. At the same time, does the sign need lighting to help it stand out? Would LED lighting or spotlights help to attract the kind of audience you want both day and night?

Size and activation count too – too big and your lettering and signage could look silly. Too small and it could look even sillier; what’s the point of having built up signage if it’s hard to see and nobody can notice it?

All of these factors and many others will be considered by your design team, who will work closely with you to make sure that your sign is created with the right materials, can withstand exposure to the elements and, most importantly, get your business noticed.

The right design specialists will be able to create something special and bespoke for you and your budget, to help your business make a stronger impact on the local community and get your brand noticed more by your local community with built up letters and signage.

Find out more about the benefits built up signs can have for your business and how they could help get you noticed by speaking to the Image Group today!


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