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Built up signs can help your brand stand out on the high street

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Subway’s logo is one of the most instantly recognisable brands on the high street. Part of that is thanks to its approach to built up signs.

The fast food chain’s logo is already pretty recognisable thanks to it’s bright, inviting colours. Most franchises have the logo built up, too, which helps it to stand out toward passers-by.

Like a lot of other built up signs, too, Subway’s sign is usually lit up; again helping it stand out amongst the competition.

That approach helps to give brands a natural oomph at a time when attracting footfall and the attention of passers-by on the high street is more important than ever.

Subway isn’t the only brand taking advantage of built up signs. Football club Manchester City utilises them a lot around their ground and other areas such as club shops and other destinations to help them grab the attention of existing and potential fans.

Built up signs could also be something that helps restaurants attract customers. Restaurants that make their logo stand out in a built-up way aren’t only helping to attract attention. They can also look quite classy when built up with the right materials, especially if lighting is incorporated.

There are a wide range of materials that companies can take advantage of when they’re looking at installing a built up sign, and they’re only limited by their imagination.

Materials include acrylic, stainless steel, timber… Working with the right team will go a long way to identifying the materials that are right for your sign, and can also help to spread the story of your brand to a much wider audience.

Because it isn’t just logos that can be built up and placed on your shop front. It can extend to straplines, mottos, contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses, and many other things.

They don’t only have to be placed on the shop front, either. Built up signage can be placed anywhere and everywhere around your office space or shop (within reason!) and can help visitors find departments and highlight areas around large spaces such as warehouses and hospitals.

The visual impact of built up signs shouldn’t be underestimated – they can give a shop and a brand an injection of creativity and help you stand out against your competitors with the right creative approach.

Find out more about the benefits of built up signage and how the right creative approach could help attract footfall by speaking to the Image Group today.


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