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Building Wraps Help You Stand Out

All businesses, no matter how large or small, need some form of advertising – Advertising is the best way that a business can reach out their customers and let them know what they do and what services they offer. While there are many form of advertising, one of the most useful and cost effective forms is large format printing. The term 'large format printing' can refer to advertising methods such as billboards or , but one of the newest and most exciting forms is .

are large displays that wrap around buildings. They are normally printed onto vinyl and hung from structures. Because they change the façade of buildings so dramatically, they are extremely attention-grabbing, capable of being noticed by thousands of people. They provide a great talking point, really spreading the word about your business, and can be one of the most prominent forms of advertising in a city centre.

The material that building wraps are made from, vinyl, is extremely durable and hard wearing. Unlike paper advertisements, like billboards, vinyl won't tear or deteriorate in punishing weather. As long as they are secured correctly, building wraps can withstand even the most extreme changes of climate and the harshest of rainstorms.

Building wraps are not as expensive as you may think. Digital printing methods have made the cost of large format advertising much lower. Compare to the cost of television or radio advertising, building wraps and other forms of  are extremely affordable.

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