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Building wraps have more lead generation potential than plastic barriers

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Building wraps alongside hoarding boards are virtually better in every way from mid-height plastic barriers on construction projects.

A member of our team made this point when they went out to their local city centre, recently.

He walked past two construction projects; one was a new build next on a popular street full of independent businesses and restaurants, while the other was a large-scale department store conversion a couple of streets away.

The department store conversion was surrounded by hoarding boards and building wraps.

Not only were the building wraps doing a great job at separating the public from the workers and keeping both groups safe, but they also seemed to be generating conversations amongst the locals about the finished project.

For the building wraps carried the name of a well-known department store, alongside all the different clothing brands that shoppers could expect to see when the conversion was complete and the doors finally opened.

Information was also available to passers-by, including an expected completion date for the project, the building company that was doing the in-store refurbishment, and website and contact details for people to note down if they wanted to explore more information.

Contrast this, he says, with the project featuring the new build.

In the space between a couple of restaurants is a patch of land where a local construction firm is erecting a new build, a couple of stories high.

Only, it’s surrounded by a few red and white plastic barriers, approximately mid-height. You may have seen similar yourself; they also had a couple of see-through mesh barriers sticking from the top of them to extend their height.

If their task was to protect the public from wandering on-site then they appeared to be doing a poor job. Two had been pushed to one side, such is their flimsy nature, allowing anyone to just wander in.

They had also been covered with graffiti. Other than the safety elements to consider, it’s also a missed opportunity to generate potential leads and community excitement with wraps or hoardings.

Because no-one local seems to have any clue what the project is. Is it a space for a new restaurant? Will it be a unit for a new independent to enter once complete? Is it a council initiative? Information is scarce.

With investment in creative wraps and hoardings, our teammate is sure it would not only have been the safer option, but a great way to get positive exposure for the project and generate leads.

Find out more about the amazing creative lead generation benefits of building wraps for construction projects by speaking to the Image Group today!


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