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Bring your team closer together with stunning office graphics

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It’s hard to find a modern business these days that don’t utilise office graphics.

And that’s no bad thing at all. Office graphics, in fact, are an amazing way to brighten up the average workspace and bring a little life and light relief into your working day.

There are examples everywhere. Take BuzzFeed for example, where there are pictures of their walls all over websites like Pinterest and Flickr.

They’re extremely colourful and fun. Perhaps most importantly though, the design of their office graphics leaves anybody looking at those pictures in no doubt about which company it is.

That’s because their internal graphics follow the exact same style guidelines of their website. Some pictures, for instance, show decals of ‘YOLO’ and ‘OMG’ all over the walls in BuzzFeed’s signature font – the same used on their hugely successful social media platforms.

An article on Politico from 2019 though shows a different kind of office decal; that for the company’s news department.

The BuzzFeed News section of the building is a lot more refined than the other large-scale ‘WTF’ decals in the office, showing that area’s focus is different from what’s going on on other floors.

It’s a similar story for other businesses, too. Facebook’s offices, for instance, offer different messages and inspirational messages throughout their spaces worldwide, with decals in their New York office encouraging employees to pick up a pen to write on the wall and express what’s on their minds.

Facebook-owned Instagram’s offices are also something to marvel at, too. With Instagram mainly a visual platform, it stands to reason that their office graphics feature bright and brilliant images that take the breath away.

Three different offices there with different ways of working. Their internal graphics, though, say a lot about their company culture and how they want their team to be inspired by the walls around them.

In BuzzFeed’s case, their wall’s branding shows what each different department does and the tone it sets. It also has a lot of fun elements to inspire the unique brand of content they create and provide.

Facebook’s wall decals have a lot of focus on inclusivity, encouraging their team members to get creative and collaborate; bringing them together as the company hopes to do for people globally with its wider service.

Instagram has a similar approach, but hammers home through its office decals that brilliant imagery is the key to the company’s success – all three companies’ drive their goals home in creative ways designed to inspire their staff.

How will you inspire your staff with your office graphics? Find out how the Image Group can help breathe life into your office by speaking to our team today!


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