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Bring your event to life with fabric graphics

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Projects involving fabric graphics are some of our favourites to work on at the Image Group.

Fabric graphics are a lot of fun to work with, and with the right approach can be used to create textured graphics for businesses and events that really catch the eye and impress.

There are so many different fabrics that can be used to design with including:

  • Matt,
  • silk polyesters,
  • gloss polyesters,
  • flag mesh,
  • silk,
  • cotton,
  • artists canvas,

and much more. Also known as ‘soft signage’, fabric graphics can be especially useful at drawing crowds to your booth and generating fresh leads at events.

How? Fabric graphics help you to set your brand apart from the crowd, and can help to attract footfall to your exhibition stand – especially if they’re being used for interactive purposes.

For instance, amongst our portfolio is a fabric project we worked on alongside Gatorade. As part of their event, they commissioned an interactive American football fabric stand, where attendees could throw a ball through holes on a specially-designed canvas to score points.

Each hole was in a different place on the canvas and of a different size, where more points could be scored from the more difficult throws. The canvas was also complemented by a fabric grass-like American football field on the floor, and surrounded by a net cage for extra safety.

Branded Gatorade fabrics could also be found around the outside of the event space; it was a big hit, with a lot of people lining up to try their luck.

This is part of the beauty of using fabrics to attract attention at events. You’re only limited by your imagination, and a creative vision complemented by something visuals and textures that are different from what the other brands at the event are using can encourage people to find out more about who you are and what you do.

Some beautiful artwork can really stand out on textured graphics as well as the interactive element. Textures and fabrics can also be used on the furniture at your booth; again, a key way to set yourself apart from other brands exhibiting on the day.

Your approach to fabrics can be an excellent conversation-starter with footfall at events, allowing your team to interact with prospects and advertise the creative approach your business provides.

Find out more about the amazing benefits of fabric graphics by speaking to the Image Group’s design specialists today!


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