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Boost your digital marketing strategy with display printing

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Display printing can provide a massive boost to digital lead generation strategies, if you can get the balance right.

First of all, though, what is display printing? It’s a pretty broad term on its own, but when we talk about display printing, we essentially mean anything that can be printed or host printed graphics.

That can include more obvious mediums such as leaflets, brochures, magazines and more. The term also covers more elaborate displays that can be used in a promotional sense, too.

They can include exhibition banners, window and wall decals, car vinyls, fabric designs for events, promotional displays and pop-up stands, and even large-scale displays such as exhibition stands for trade shows and events.

If it can fill a space and help advertise a brand message, then it likely falls under the category of display printing.

But how does display printing help to boost lead generation strategies and potentially attract new customers online? Simple. Printing visual graphics will help to naturally get the work out about the wider brand; about who you are and what you do.

If you can link those displays, graphics and the wider message to your online lead-gen infrastructure, though, then your print assets are doing so much more than telling your story in a nice way.

They’re providing strong calls-to-action that potential new customers can instantly explore. If you use measures like QR codes or special links in the body of your visual print assets and mark them up properly, then they could also be used to measure how effective your wider marketing efforts are.

Leaflets work well on their own, but if you do a distribution run of, say, 10,000 local drops for example, it can be hard to gauge how many people have visited your website from that, signed up to your email lists, made a call on the back of seeing your number…

There are ways to change that, though, so you can better see how many people have visited your website or signed up for your online offers through a leaflet, if you include ways to track how people are visiting your web presence and entering your digital lead funnels.

And that can work for any stage of the lead process. Your print materials could include an introductory offer with a tagged link for people to scan, leading them to the initial stage of the lead quality process in your marketing funnel.

Or, if you’re exhibiting at a trade show and potential leads are already interested in the products and services your team are advertising, your displays could take them to a stage further down the funnel to begin the conversion process and take it from there.

Print and digital displays don’t have to be separate entities. They can work extremely well together as part of a wider growth strategy to better market your business.

If you want to find out more about how display printing can boost your digital marketing strategy and boost your business’s wider lead potential, contact the Image Group today!


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