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Boost sales in the health and fitness sector with creative wall vinyls

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Wall vinyls are a brilliant way to express brand creativity – especially for sports retailers and leisure facilities.

Why, though? Wall vinyls have a lot of advantages over painting your walls, for instance.

Wall vinyls are clear, clean, sharp and can express your brand’s creative vision in better ways than a paint job.

They’re quicker to produce, too, and can be more affordable; once you’re finished with your wall vinyls, you can simply peel them off without damaging the wall or having to pay extra for another paint job to cover the original creation.

Creative vinyl artwork can be especially useful for leisure centres, sports retailers, and other businesses that operate in the health and fitness industry.

One reason is that the health and fitness sector is an incredibly fast-paced one that’s constantly evolving. Sports retailers are constantly inundated with promotional materials and graphics from the latest sports stars across different sports.

These promotions can be extremely effective sales tools. The constantly-moving nature of the industry, though, means that this week’s sports star is irrelevant next week. Sports are typically seasonal, too – having the right star on show at the right time can be key to success.

Which is why creative vinyls can be extremely useful for sports retailers. They can create large-scale promotions for their walls and simply peel them off, ready to put a new vinyl up when the seasons, offers and stars rotate.

Having these alongside vinyls for online promotions and ways to direct people to sign up to reward schemes can also be highly-effective lead generation strategy. Vinyls are one of the most creative ways to express your brand messaging in simple ways.

That lead-generation strategy is also effective for leisure centres, pools and gymnasiums. Want to collect data in transparent, ethical ways while providing content to your attendees and locals? Direct them to sign-up forms online through QR codes and web links via vinyls.

Most importantly, people attending leisure facilities need constant inspiration and motivation to stay on track with their fitness plans and feel like the effort is being rewarded. Strong imagery of people working out can adorn your walls via vinyls to inspire.

Why not successful case studies, too? Why not imagery of local athletes who have had some sort of sporting success, too, with their permission? Vinyls can be a great way to advertise your sporting message in creative ways.

Find out more about the amazing benefits wall vinyls can bring to your sporting institution by speaking to the Image Group today!


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