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Body Language Is Important

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So, you're all set to go to the trade exhibition which you hope will bring you new business and open up new avenues of commerce. You've got everything ready, including the banners, banner stands and other exhibition displays which you think will attract people to your little corner of the hall, but is there anything else you can do to make potential customers stay once they have arrived at your stand? If this is your first time behind exhibition stands, you are probably already thinking of how you can make the most of the opportunity.

Make it clear that you are available to talk to anyone, and don't fold your arms! Body language experts have pointed out that this is a sign which effectively says 'Stay Away From Me!' so make sure you observe this and keep those arms unfolded when you are on exhibition stands. Set out to engage people in conversation, but try and make sure that what you say is polite, unthreatening and open, rather than a pointed question which may make visitors to your exhibition displays feel uncomfortable.

For example, resist the urge to leap in with lots of information about your company, and begin with general questions, such as 'What brings you here today, how do you think its going?' Once you have put their mind at rest, the banners and exhibition display boards you have installed will give them the information they need, and then you'll be in the perfect position to start selling.


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