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Blow trade show competition away in 2022 with creative exhibition panels

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Exhibition panels are a fantastic way to attract footfall at a trade show.

Exhibition panels can be used in a number of creative ways. They can be used to host content detailing the company, its history, the people behind it, their goals, passions, market impact and more.

With a bit more creative flair, exhibition panels can be used to showcase products – currently available and those in production – in unique ways to grab attention.

Combine that creative flair with a bit of business sense and exhibition panels can be ingenious lead generators at events and trade shows.

Instead of handing out leaflets, for instance, why not include QR codes on your panels that direct prospects to a sign-up page on your website, so you can collect invaluable lead data there and then in an open and transparent way?

This is just one way that you can transform the trade show experience for attendees and set yourself apart from the competition at fairs and events over the course of 2022 and beyond.

It’s no secret that a lot of brands feel frustrated at the lack of opportunity for them to exhibit and generate new business across most sectors during 2020 and 2021 due to restrictions brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Because of vaccination efforts across the world, though, and efforts made to ‘live with the virus’, 2022 is set to look a lot brighter to those wishing to exhibit and generate new business.

Think of the last couple of years out of the limelight as a chance to evolve your business rather than a missed opportunity.

A lot of brands have reinvented themselves online during this period and have discovered ways to generate new leads and new sales channels by moving parts of the business online.

Your panels and wider exhibition stands and materials moving forward could feature your story at events over the course of 2022; underlining how you helped your staff through the tough times and pivoted your business, to show how your team meets challenges head-on.

There’s time now to think about how to reinvent your business at trade events, to show how you’ve evolved from the challenges of the pandemic and how you plan to use those lessons to grow further and provide solutions to the people you want to attract at the show.

Those panels and how they fit into your wider exhibition space will be key to doing it.

Find out more about the amazing lead generation potential of exhibition panels and how they can help advertise your brand at events by speaking to the Image Group!


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