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Benefits of Pop Up Stands

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Traditionally, banners have been used as an advertising tool at trade shows and as part of outdoor displays. While they are extremely effective and relatively affordable, they are not the most user-friendly of items. Banners can be bulky and difficult to transport and can easily succumb to tears and damage. Not only that but hanging them can be awkward, requiring a number of people to do it together, often with additional equipment. This is where come into their own. They are portable, easy to assemble and have many benefits over traditional banners.

work exactly as the name suggests. These display require no complicated assembly they simply pop up. Unlike banners, they never have to be folded meaning that there's no chance of you getting creases across your design. The pop up nature of these displays also mean that your banners are much less likely to become damaged in transport.

With pop up stands, the entire display retracts into their base. This makes them extremely portable and easy to carry. Rather than needing large vans to transport them, can be carried in a shoulder bag. Their compact design also makes them extremely easy to store when you are not using them.

Pop up stands don't require any complicated assembly. Even the largest banners can be on display in a few seconds. They come in a variety of sizes, from table top displays to prominent floor displays, and can carry any design of your choosing. Our fantastic assortment of advertising solutions includes .


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