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Be kinder to the environment with a creative cardboard display

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A creative cardboard display is an amazing way to advertise your products and services without harming the environment.

A cardboard display is a fantastic eco-friendly solution for business owners who want to reduce their carbon footprint and show their company’s green credentials.

An awful lot of plastic can be used in advertising solutions such as POS stands, podium stands, temporary pop-up stands and many other visual displays.

At the same time, plastic usage is big news across the globe with people trying to reduce their plastic consumption in the fight against global warming.

So, how do businesses – especially small business owners who want to make an impact on their local communities – advertise themselves without contributing to plastic waste?

The solution is recyclable cardboard displays that look as good, if not better, than their plastic counterparts. Cardboard displays are available in a variety of cardboard materials, from re-board to traditional cardboard and boxboard.

Displays made of card don’t compromise on quality in both build and design senses. Build quality is strong and can effectively display a number of products you wish to advertise throughout your business, while working with the right creative team can produce card displays that look simply breath-taking.

The best thing about card displays is that you’re only limited by your imagination. Commissioning a bespoke re-board design, for instance, means you can bring large-scale creative ideas to life in eye-catching ways that people won’t fail to notice.

Or maybe you’re at an exhibition and are looking to attract visitors to your stand. Card displays can help you cut through the noise at a busy and bustling trade event with beautifully-designed printed podiums.

Not only will they be as effective as any standard-made podium, but they can be a key way to advertise your brand’s green credentials to potential partners and customers at the event.

The same goes for other furniture types, too. Why not invest in a printed carboard coffee table that’s sturdy and carries your company logo, or how about strong, well-designed printed card seating?

That can be a great way to immediately show visitors to your company that yours is a business with a green conscience that is working in unique ways across all areas to help the environment.

Boost your company’s eco-friendly credentials and cut your carbon footprint with beautiful cardboard displays that advertise your business in ethical ways.


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