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Be a talking point at industry events with custom carpet printing

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Carpet printing is an attractive and fun way to advertise a brand at an industry event.

First, a word about carpet printing and what it is. In short, carpet printing is exactly what it sounds like – an expert will work with you to create carpeting in varying sizes, shapes and thicknesses with any design you wish. (Well, within reason!)

Carpet printing is especially useful when a brand is exhibiting at a trade event, or somewhere else where they’re looking to attract footfall away from competing brands on the floor.

When done professionally, printed carpet looks (and feels) incredible, and can contain any message you like. It could just be a statement piece, with your logo prominently displayed.

It could also contain imagery of your team, of your most significant business achievements, QR codes that lead people to your website, and other calls to action such as phone numbers, email addresses and much more besides.

Investing in printed carpet shows that yours is a brand that thinks differently, and takes the time and effort to put thought into doing creative things to set your work apart. That’s something that could make all the difference at exhibitions and events.

Custom printed carpet isn’t just about looking nice, either. Like any other fabric, carpet can be used in a number of creative and unique ways to build something fun and exceptional to attract people to your booth at exhibitions and trade shows.

One of our favourite examples is when we work with sports brands and retailers to provide them with printed carpet. Some like to commission carpet that looks like a football field or a rugby pitch, and use it alongside interactive events where people can kick or throw a ball into a goal.

And that leads into a wider point; if you’re looking to set a scene to show off products and services in a more imaginative way, then printed carpet in and around your booth is a fantastic way to do it.

You could create a field to advertise strong footwear for festivals, for instance, or tents and camping gear. Or, you could create printed carpet with a stone or rubble effect to complement climbing gear and other items, should you wish.

It’s a visual change that could make the difference between someone passing by your booth at an exhibit to them stopping, thinking, and taking the time to talk to your team.

Carpet printing looks fantastic when done by an expert team. Contact the Image Group today to find out more!


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