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Banners need to be attention grabbing

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If you have ever attended an exhibition fair before you will realise how difficult it can be to make your company's space stand out from other exhibition stands. Having banners that grab a spectator's attention is a simple concept however a lot of companies can struggle to find the right design.

As you only have a matter of a few seconds to attract someone's attention and encourage them to walk over to your stand, it is vital your banners stand out for all the right reasons. Think about the language contained on the signage as this needs to be short and simple for the person passing by to understand. Having a smaller font and long words will be easily forgotten as the passerby may simply ignore your banners. Try to use large format printing as this can be seen from further away. It is also important to think about the use of colour and try to ensure that whatever you choose will give the right public impression you are trying to create.

Using a variety of methods to market your company may also work in your favour. For example, if you want to display some photos or other exhibition images you may choose to use a display board to complement the banners. Undoubtedly the type of company you are promoting will drive your marketing strategy. For example if you are promoting a catering company you may provide samples of some of the food you produce or some examples of popular menus.


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