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Banner Stands in Shopping Centres

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Advertising banner stands are an increasingly common sight in shopping centres these days as retailers try harder to increase their presence to passing customers. And, now that we live in the age of the ubiquitous pop up shop, stores hired by retailers on a temporary basis benefit hugely from these which can be quickly deployed to persuade curious people to pop in and have a look around. These types of display stands are perfect for retail environments as they are portable and simple to use. Because they are relatively small they can be stationed practically anywhere, and can be easily put up or taken down by one person in a matter of seconds.

Display stands inside shopping centres constitute a potential hazard to the general public and so most centre managers will insist on Health & Safety risk assessment before endorsing them as acceptable for use. Banner stands can be perceived as a potential hazard, but because they are so much more compact than large displays, the only legal obligation that is required for them is an easily obtainable fire rating certificate. Banners being compact can also be advantageous for another reason. Some shopping centres often enforce a height restriction on display stands to ensure that the centre's security cameras can maintain an unobstructed view of the venue. Naturally, the compactness of banners means that they are exempt from such concerns.

In short, any retailers without these displays are already playing catch up.


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