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Banner Stands are a Must for Exhibitions

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If your business is trying to promote a new product, you will need to spread the message far and wide, even if you are a recognised brand. Dragging banners to and from the various exhibition and trade shows in your retail sector can be time consuming and costly.

Many businesses are now turning to the most portable way of moving your promotional ads from site to site, and that's with a pop up stand, also known as a pop up banner. They are a little like blinds, in that they can be rolled into a tight tube for transportation, and to open them requires a small tug on an attached string. However, pop up banners have their own stand incorporated into the design, so you don't have to fiddle with screws or extra pieces when setting up you can just get your rep to hoist it out of the car boot, open it out, fold out the stand and away you go.

Saving time spent setting up means more time that people can view your banner and discuss your product with your representatives. What's more, they can stay longer on site and chat to potential clients as they won't need to leave the last half hour free for dismantling lots of complicated displays.

The final advantage is that they are relatively cheap for the many uses you'll get out of them, as many are made to durable high specifications. If you have yet to try banner stands, now might be a good time to start.


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