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Banner Stands: A Flexible Solution

Whilst there is much to be said for focused advertising campaigns, these are often bolstered by general practises and promotional solutions that are geared to reach as many people as possible. In this regard, banner stands are ideal, and as the cure all Swiss Army Knife of promotion, you don't get much better than a banner stand.

This is thanks largely to their versatility and the fact that they can be used highly effectively in all sorts of settings. For instance, in an exhibition a banner can really increase the visual potential of your stand, and help you attract customers on an aesthetic level.

Or perhaps you need some top notch outdoor promotion. The obvious challenge in this regard is that outdoor displays will have to endure the great outdoors, rendering and similar products useless. Something sturdier and more resilient may be needed.

With a PVC banner, however, you get all the visual advantage of a highly visible banner, with the added bonus that it will be able to persist outdoors, ideal for outdoor trade fairs or outside of retail stores.

At The Image Group we've got all kinds of banners, and therefore whatever your display requirement, you're bound to find a solution that works for you. For example, if you can't afford or can't stand the logistics of transporting banners to and from shows, you might consider portable solutions such as and .

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