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Banner hanging tips

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Once you have your hands on a couple of beautifully designed and flawlessly printed banners the next step is to hang them. It is here that many displays fall down – sometimes literally and sometimes not. Exhibition stands that keel over are both messy, dangerous, and very embarrassing but carelessly hung banners are also a problem. They just do not look good. The last thing you want is for the graphics you worked on and paid for to make your company look careless or messy.

Pop up and make unfurling and setting up easy, but even plain old rectangular ones can be made to hang neatly with a little care and the right positioning – it's always a good idea to consider where your display will go before ordering. Our staff are happy to talk through the options and help you find the perfect product that will look good in the place it'll spend the most time.

Indoor banners should be hung high, above the heads of staff and visitors, and they shouldn't interrupt lines of sight. Remember that free-hanging displays are visible from all directions, and if they're not printed on both sides you'll have a great big rectangle of white PVC hanging up from some perspectives. Where possible, place banners against walls or along railings. This also stops them flapping around. Make sure to allow enough space on both sides so the banner doesn't droop. It should be tightly tied and look neat and smart.

Strong tape can also be used to secure a banner. Make sure it's the same colour as the background so it doesn't show up, and use sticky-side-out circles of tape to secure the middle to the wall before taping the edges down. That way you'll get a smoother, flatter surface.


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