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Art gallery displays

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Not all the graphical displays in art galleries are art – at least not the kind of art you go there to see. We like to think that advertising design is an art form in its own right, and while it is not up there with Japanese woodblock printing and the impressionist movement, there is certainly a noticeable difference between the work of a casual amateur and that of a dedicated professional with years of training and experience.

Some of our best work hangs in art galleries. It may not be on the walls but it's still important. Somehow, the galleries have to let visitors know where to find the exhibits on display and often the best way of doing that is with movable banner stands. These can point the way to permanent and long term exhibitions or they can be commissioned especially for a particular special event. Sometimes they even travel with exhibitions going from gallery to gallery.

In both cases the banners used in art galleries and museums must be in the very best taste. They must be clear enough to direct large crowds and attractive enough to tempt visitors to see beautiful art of a particular kind.

We can either print from a specific design or help create the graphics for banner stands from scratch. In both cases we work with exhibitors and gallery owners to make sure the finished products, such as , are in line with exhibition themes and won't clash with anything around them. It's always a challenge to create something that speaks for great art, but it's one we relish.


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