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Any office space can be improved with photo roller blinds

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Do you go into your office every day and think there’s something missing? That it could benefit from a splash of colour and creativity, but aren’t sure how to go about it? Photo roller blinds can be an amazing way to spruce up a commercial area in creative, custom ways.

Photo roller blinds can also be a cost-effective creative solution and a great option if you don’t own the premises proper, and are just renting it and don’t wish to upset the building owner. If you’ve always dreamed of having a splash of colour on the walls but are facing restrictions from the landlord, you can insert it into your professional life with the help of photo roller blinds.

Photo roller blinds are quite a simple concept; they’re roller blinds that have had an injection of creativity and display any photo design you wish. You’re only limited by your creativity; you can use your roller blinds to display team photos, award-winning pieces of work, testimonials and much more besides.

Roller blinds created in this way can simply be taken down at the end of your lease and taken with you to your next office. There’s no paint or graphics to be removed from the wall, allowing you to leave your office space just as you found it.

And photo roller blinds don’t just have to be used in commercial settings, either. Blinds can also be used to improve areas around the home. How about a stunning beach image for the bathroom, perhaps, or pictures of your children’s favourite characters for their bedroom or nursery?

Younger children and teenagers could have images of their favourite football team, players and matches displayed on their roller blinds, or they could have images they’ve taken themselves displayed, such as photos they’ve taken at gigs or nights out with their friends.

Coming back to the commercial side of photo blinds, though; if used creatively they can also be a great way to advertise your business. Why not feature your contact details on your photo blinds, for instance, so people can immediately see calls to action whenever they walk by your office space?

Whatever you decide to use your photo blinds for – whether to help motivate people at the office and make it brighter, or for a home setting – they’re a great way to help you create something truly special in affordable ways.

Find out more about the amazing creative applications of photo blinds by speaking to the Image Group today!


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