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Advertising Local Services

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There are many types of organisations which need to use building advertising in order to get more local people to come in and use their services. In fact it is quite common to see institutions such as leisure centres, libraries and even churches using building adverts to try and encourage passers by to drop in and see all the excellent local services they have been missing out on thus far.

Drawing attention

One sure fire way to attract the attention of passers-by is to use banners. High quality, waterproof PVC banners can be hung outside a building from practically any surface or wall and can convey a clear and bold message to everyone who sees it. In addition, banners or signs can also be positioned by the side of the road or at nearby junctions to help make road users aware of the services on offer. Of course, banners can also be used inside buildings to great effect. Advertising one organisation's activities or services inside another organisation's building can be very effective, especially if the two organisations are involved in a similar ‘industry', i.e. the leisure industry.

Alternative advertising

Of course there are other ways to advertise. Local radio stations and print media can often provide good returns, as can having announcements made at local public events or handing out fliers in the high street or local shopping centre.

Raising public awareness of local services is not always easy, but with good quality advertising, it can be done.


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