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Advertising In Tough Times

There has always been disagreement over whether – in tough economic times – it is better to increase or cut advertising expenditures on products such as banners and banner stands. There is nothing new in this. William Lever, the founder of the Sunlight soap works which became the global company of Unilever, said in the later 19th Century 'I know half of my advertising spend is wasted, but which half? In recession should advertising expenditure be curtailed or aggressively used to boost demand?'

The jury is still very much out over this conundrum, but there is a school of thought that suggests that whatever you do, never cut advertising completely or your business will suffer. It's understandable that in tough economic times, businesses may be inclined to cut costs in every area, but when you think about it, viewing advertising as 'non essential' and therefore open to cost cutting, you will be digging a big hole from which you might never emerge. So how about this as a compromise? Review your advertising costs by all means, and perhaps decide that newspaper and radio adverts are a little too expensive at the moment, but have an alternative plan which will allow you to continue getting your message across to the potential customers.

This is where products such as pop up displays can also help promotions when combined with PVC Banners outside your premises.

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