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Advertising in tough economic times

Advertising is an essential part of any business or organisation, but there is one school of thought which suggests that when times are hard, you cut your advertising budget in order to make savings. As we are experiencing tough times at the moment, many companies have done just that, but is this a short sighted knee jerk reaction?

Ask an advertising executive and he will say yes (of course he will) but you know that the usual form of advertising, such as television, radio and newspapers, can be extremely costly. So how can you continue to get your name noticed without spending too much? One of the ways you can do this is to look at other forms of advertising which are extremely effective but are sometimes overlooked by companies.

Hoarding panels and are great ways to get your name and products into the public eye, and when it comes to your office or shop, other forms such as – especially when large format printing is used – really do help to promote your business.

Companies who make the decision to cut their advertising completely are risking dropping out of the public consiousness, which can be fatal when there is so much competition out there. So, rather than take this chance, have a look at alternatives such as custom window graphics, hoarding panels and building advertisements. Have a look at the Image Group website where you will see plenty of examples of hoarding panels and other forms of advertising products which will help your business.

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