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Advertise yourself, not just your brand, with roller banners

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We’ve written a lot in the past about roller banners, and how with the right approach they can be used to boost sales, generate leads, get more information about your brand out to the wider public and much more besides.

Having roller banners as part of a wider strategy in a shop or supermarket, for instance, can be a fantastic point-of-sale solution at tills or elsewhere throughout a store to raise awareness of certain products, discounts and more. At exhibitions, they can also be used to draw footfall to your stand and set you apart from the competition in creative ways.

Roller banners don’t have to be purely focused on sales and other brand information, though. They can also be used in a personal sense too, to convey more human elements, emotions, stories and journeys to catch people’s attention.

Take Vava Angwenyi, for instance. In 2016, her story was told on the Standard Digital website; Vava had founded social enterprise Vava Coffee at the time with the aim of providing positive impacts on the local community and the 30,000 coffee farmers she worked with.

Based in Karengata, Kenya, Vava’s story of how she’s taking on the coffee industry on her own and working to better the lives of locals is a fascinating one. During the article though, the journalist notices that part of Vava’s story is told through roller banners.

The article refers to Vava as ‘Kenya’s First Lady of Coffee’. Such a title may go to the average person’s head; a banner in Vava’s office though depicts her dressed down and amongst other hard-working coffee farmers working on a farm in the region.

A simple image but an image that instantly conveys Vava’s powerful story, humility and mission statement for her social enterprise. It’s also the perfect way to tell that story to various markets and investors; when she has to go to a meeting, event, exhibition or presentation, Vava can simply roll up that and other banners to take with her and set them up instantly.

Roller banners aren’t simply versatile. They’re also a great way to instantly get in front of the people who matter to you most with a powerful, creative message.

And that doesn’t have to be simply sales-focused. Having an image of your CEO, your senior management team, your achievements, the brands you partner with and many other personal victories can help you and your brand to come across as more human and approachable to the people you wish to engage with the most.

The Image Group can help you do that as part of a wider creative brand and imaging strategy. Contact us today to find out more!


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