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A Guide to Outdoor Advertising

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As advertising is about reaching out to your customers, it makes sense that you endeavour to reach beyond the footprint of your shop, or the constraints of your website. This means, simply, outdoor advertising can really enhance your marketing potential.

Just like an exhibition, outdoor advertising should be considered a marketing arena in its own right. Therefore, as well as presenting promotional oppourtunities, it will also present certain challenges, which need to be considered before creating an outdoor display.

One of the most pertinent is exposure. Unlike exhibition stands, which take some level of brand interest for granted, in an outdoor setting this pre-existing connection with the consumer is not there, which means that outdoor advertising needs to reach that little bit further.

The most obvious way to do this is by creating outdoor displays that have a strong visual impact. On the one hand this could simply mean creating outdoor displays that are very large. Often this is easily possible, and are frequently large, optimised to reach people driving by in their cars.

With visual impact in mind, you should also consider the format of your printing, and consider, for example, . This will ensure that passers by will be able to understand any written content on your sign, as well as being drawn in by its aesthetic qualities.

Another obvious problem with an outdoor display is one of practicality, and, especially considering the unpredictability of the weather in the UK, it is imperative that outdoor displays are durable enough to persist in bad weather which is why high quality materials such as PVC are suitable.


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