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5 reasons tray signs are a great business investment

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Tray signs (also known as pan signs) can be a fantastic long-term investment for any and every company. Instead of having a flat tired-looking sign outside of your shop, you’re instead showing potential customers a more attractive and creative side to your business in an amazingly visual way.

Tray signs won’t break the budget as well. We’re big fans of pan signs here at the Image Group; here are five reasons why we think they’re more than worth the outlay:

1: Durability

Traditional signage can show a lot of wear and tear over time, especially after particularly harsh seasonal months when the weather doesn’t let up.

Tray signs can be far more resilient though; made from a range of metals including aluminium or composite aluminium (dibond), they can also be weatherproofed with chemical coverings and other vinyl solutions to make them look incredible for as long as you have them.

2: Visibility

Tray signs are literally designed to stand out and can be built to any size. Instead of having a flat sign that blends in with other units on your street, a pan sign with its three-dimensional appearance and 90-degree returns can’t fail to be noticed, especially if you complement it with an incredible design that can’t fail to be noticed by potential customers.

3: Creativity

As with a traditional sign, you’re only limited by your creativity when it comes to tray signs. As well as presenting your logo and wider business message in beautiful materials thanks to the composition of the sign, they can also be illuminated and look fantastic in the evenings.

As mentioned, as well as weatherproofing, they can also be covered with vinyl materials; not only to protect the sign but also add a new level of creativity to the message to make your business stand out against the opposition.

4: Inside and outside

Tray and pan signs aren’t just an external solution. Smaller raised signage can also be presented inside a company, helping to build a more visual and creative narrative journey for people who visit your business. That can be smaller signs directing people to specific departments in larger buildings to creative stand-out signs above department entrances that look phenomenal.

5: Easy to install

You may think that raised pan signage may be difficult to install and be disruptive to a business. The opposite is actually true; the design of tray and pan signs are also built to hide unsightly screws.

Aluminium angles are fixed to the wall which are covered by the signs, allowing the creativity and beauty of the sign take precedence without attention being taken away by face fixings. Clean and pristine, that’s the calling card of a fantastic, creative pan sign.

The Image Group team is here to help you create the tray and pan signs of your dreams, to help your business stand out in creative ways. Contact us today for more information!


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